JY-GST型阳离 子高渗透沥青乳化剂

       该乳化剂用量少,乳化能力强。用该乳 化剂生产的乳化沥青,能乳化 各种道路石油材料。在公路工程中,用于沥 青路面的水稳基层乳化沥青渗透。该
生产的 乳化沥青各项性能指标符合JTG F40-2004的PC-2标准。
       1.活性物含量:                             ≥70% 
       2.溶解度:                                    易溶于水
       3.PH值:                                      2-4
       4.气 味:                                      无异味
       5.外观:                                       棕

       各种材 料占乳化沥青的比例              
       沥青                                             喷洒型30-50%
       乳化剂(实物)                           1.5-2.5%(占乳化沥青)
       煤油                                            占沥青为15-20%
       JY-GTS型阳离 子高渗透沥青乳化剂采用200Kg铁桶包装。
       注意防止进入眼睛,和接触皮肤。如发生 请及时用流动清水冲洗。


I、 Product properties
The use of advanced technology for synthesis of emulsifier. Less dosage, emulsification ability. With the production of emulsified asphalt emulsifier, emulsified oil materials of various road. In the highway engineering for asphalt, cement stabilized base emulsified asphalt pavement permeability. Emulsified asphalt performance indexes of the asphalt emulsifier production meets JTG F40-2004 PC-2 standards.
II、 The main technical indexes
1 Active content:                                ≥70%
2 Solubility:                                        soluble in water
3.PH value:                                        2-4
4.Smell                                               No  smell
5 Appearance:                                    light yellow liquid
III、Instructions for use
Kinds of materials accounted for the proportion of emulsified asphalt
Asphalt spraying type                30-50%
Emulsifier (real)                         1.5-2.5%
Kerosene                                   15-20% (accounting for asphalt)
IV、 Packaging, Storage and use matters needing attention.
JY-GTS cationic high permeable asphalt emulsifier using 200Kg drum packaging.
This product is placed in a cool ventilated place, storage period of 3 years.
Pay attention to prevent access to the eyes, and skin contact. Such as the occurrence of please flush with water flow.

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