JY-CK2阳离子 中裂沥青乳化剂


该产品采用优质原料,科学配方合成,乳化能力强。使用时可以不调酸,即能很 好的乳化各种沥青,用该乳 化剂生产乳化沥青,在公路 工程中用于粘层、封层、桥面防水粘结层,,该乳化 沥青各项指标符合JTGF40-2004的PC-3标准。
    1.活性物含量:                            ≥50%
    2.溶解度:                                 易溶于水
    3.PH值:                                   3-5
    4.外观:                                    乳白色 或黄色半固态物
    1.各种材 料占乳液的比例:  
      道路石油沥青                               不小于50%  
      乳化剂(实物)                              0.8-1%
       水                                          至100%        

注意防止进入眼睛,和接触皮肤。如发生 请及时用流动清水冲洗。

 I、Product property features
This product uses the high quality raw materials, scientific formula for synthetic compound, which is strong in emulsifying ability. When used to well emulsify various asphalt, it does not need adjustment of acidity. The emulsified asphalt produced by this emulsifier is suitable for tack coat, seal coat, anti-water tack coat on bridge surface in road construction. This emulsified Asphalt's indicators are complying with PC-3 standards of JTGF40-2004.
        II、Major technical indicators
1.Active matter content:                   ≥50%
2.Dissolubility:                                  dissoluble in Water
3.PH VALUE:                                     3-5
4.Appearance:                                  lacteor yellowish semisolcd
        III、Operation Instruction 
1.Material content ratio in emulsifier:
Petroleum asphalt for road                     not less than 50%
Emulsifier(substance)                        0.8-1%
Water                                              up to 100%
        IV、Packaging,storage and other precautions。
Model JY-CK2 medium breaking cationic asphalt emulsifier is packaged in 50kg or 100kg plastic barrels.
This product should be stored in cool and ventilated warehouse for 3 years custody.
Take caution not to get it in touch with eyes or skin Wash by flowing water in case of unexpected touch.

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